Compassion Sunday

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I often watch people’s joy at the birth of a new baby. I see in their smile the hope of a new life . Their eyes hold a wishfulness of a new beginning. Yet we are all new in Christ. When I became a Christian I realised that over night I wasn’t going to become perfect no one can be. Perfect died on the cross. What I did realise that when I messed up and I knew I would I had the promise of forgiveness, the gift of compassion. 22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV) I learned that each day was a new beginning if I so wished. That tomorrow’s mess was past. This knowledge gives me courage to try again. It gives me the strength to try things new. To be brave. To be strong. It also the greatest reminder to show compassion to give...


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One of my favourite ways to make decisions in life is to imagine myself at the gates of heaven. Just bare with me here and my pearly gates vision. I’m just looking back at my life all have i achieved and the choices i have made. I ask myself the question. Would I like the view?   Do i appreciate all that i have? Supported ,guided, encouraged all that I can? Loved and cherished all those I should?   Will I be looking back on this or that situation and realise that I chose selfishly. Wishing that that I had given more time. Regretting time wasted?   One of the biggest awakenings I had from raising a severely disabled daughter was that there was no promise of tomorrow. That at any moment we could lose her. This changed us as a family. This made us appreciate the gift of each moment. We never forget to say I love you. We focus on people not things. Life was not about how...


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Have you ever wanted to pack up your life and start afresh somewhere else? I have, in fact I often still do. Many years ago my husband and I nearly moved away from our home towns. Started a new life somewhere completely different. We looked at homes and we searched for jobs. But we didn’t go. The idea of separating our children from their grandparents held us back. We often wonder if we made the right decision but I guess we will never know. When I have regrets i remind myself  of   Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. New International Version (NIV)   Then I ask myself the questions. What are God’s plans for me.? Where should i be right now? Am I fulfilling his wishes or do i need move somewhere different?   I honestly wish I had a guide book for life....

Grieving as a Christian

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One of the things I struggle with as a Christian is grief. Sometimes I feel as if people judge my faith by my tears. As if my mourning means I don’t have enough faith. Why should I cry when I know my daughter is in a better place? “Joy will come in the morning”. “God knows the plans for us” and maybe You just don’t understand them. Yet there is a massive difference between grief and lack of faith. I have struggled for a while to try and explain how I feel on this subject. So I was relieved when I read this article by Sean Bess on the Relevant site as he found the words to help explain my heart. “Jesus wept” even knowing he could raise a man from death he still sobbed for the sorrow of loss. When we love someone with all our hearts and then we lose them it’s hard. Yes I find comfort that Olivia is in eternity and that one day we will...

I can’t hear you.

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God I can’t hear you right now. I’m trying I promise but my thoughts are betraying me. I can’t take much more. I have no strength. My mind, my body is exhausted. I’m not good enough. It’s that simple. It feels as nothing i do is right. “It’s your fault” “You are to blame” “if only you were different”.   Different   How I wish i was different. I try to remind myself that you created me exactly how you wanted me to be. But all i can think is that maybe you messed up.   Listen to me, God messed up.   No i know its me. But who am I?   I don’t know anymore. I need to hear you God. Please.  ...


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    It’s finally hit home. We are in the last days A week today my baby is going to university. The years of hard work have paid off. The nights of tears and frustration have bore fruit. I’m so proud of my girlie But I’m so not ready for her go. Don’t get me wrong she drives me to the end of my patience. She can set my temper alight like a match to gasoline. But university REALLY?? It’s scary letting her go out on her own. She is going to be a 3 hour drive away in a different country. It’s a big step in her life As her mom is a frightening step for me. Trusting I have raised her right. To be true to herself. To reach for her goals and to have faith in all she is. I hope she will remember kindness is always the key to happiness. Love on others. It is so hard accepting that she is all grown. It’s still only seems like yesterday that the...


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    Im so very tired right now. The summer holiday’s have slowly ebbed away all my strength. I am physically, emotionally exhausted. Its as if I am waging a battle in mind. There is no as if, I am at war. The enemy is invading my thoughts. “You are not good enough”. “You can’t keep up”. ‘You are weak”. Yet just as i am to immerse into the sea of lies I hear him He whispers my name. “Sara I am here’ So as i raise my hands to the heavens I realise I cannot do this on my own. I need his strength I need his love I need his truth.   You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for Your Word to renew me.                                                                                                                                Psalm 119:114 MSG...