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School has ended and summer has officially begun. I asked her what she wanted to do this holiday. What plans shall we make? I want to dye my hair mom, please. Well that’s not exactly what I had in mind. It’s crazy as I look at her I still are this sweet blue eyed baby in my arms. Smiling up at me dimples galore. I’m still not ready to accept she is a teenager. Growing up so quickly. Maybe it’s harder as she is my last born. My children are all growing up and are close to flying the nest. She is so beautiful as she looks at me expectantly with those piercing eyes. Can I mom please? What can I say, I can’t baby her anymore. I have to allow her to grow, allow her to bloom. So after a visit to the store my baby is sporting a head of beautiful red hair. It really suits her. She is glowing. Her smile is so infectious, dimples on show. She is happy and as her mom...

Created in love

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Have you ever stopped and wondered about life?   The actual act of creation.   I have and I find it truly amazing.   How the coming together of two things can create new life.   From the moment of conception that new life starts to form.   Cells doubling, tripling into the wondrous gift of a child.   I’m often struck by the wonder of God but in the birth of new life I am totally blown away.   How are we all so different?   Does Our Heavenly Father have filling cases of human blueprints?   Everyone of us is unique a complete original.   Wow   Even identical twins are different they may physically look the same but the soul inside them holds their unique hard drive.   One may grow up to be a football player, one a lawyer.   One straight, one gay.   Each made to Gods design.   Life is such an incredible gift ....


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When I look at the words on the screen my heart beats a little faster. There for the whole to read is my heart. The inner workings of my mind. Unedited Open Transparent It’s through these words and this place I find my freedom. I own my story The walls that i have build around me are starting to crumble. Piece by piece Brick by brick. You see when you own your story you finally get to see all that you have achieved. You have survived You can look back with a passion that says “ i did that” I am learning that I am truly amazing. Made in the image of our Saviour I can do all things. All things through Christ Jesus. He is freedom He is the one who hands me my story all tied up in a pretty bow saying “we can do this.” No matter what I face, No matter how my heart breaks He is all things He is my healer He is my friend Jesus is my freedom So as I read back through my...

Finding courage in grace.

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I did it again.   I allowed myself to be hopeful and like always I find myself crashing down.   Why do I this to myself?   I learnt at a young age never to get my hopes up, that way I would never be disappointed.   Yet over the last year I have allowed myself to have hope.   Silly girl.   I think it’s safer to put my hope back in a box.   If things do turn out ok then I can feel joy but if they don’t they I have no real disappointment.   Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect. Margaret Mitchell   This is how I was feeling last week, just so lost in the depth of disappointment.   How easy is it to step back into the old ways.   The safe ways   Yet being safe isn’t freedom.   When you harness your feelings you don’t allow your soul to fly.   I want to soar   I want to...

Lost – fmf

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As I walked away from that cold room I knew nothing would ever be the same again.   My world had changed   My heart was shattered.   I wasn’t sure how i was supposed to feel.   Everything just felt strange   Numb     It was like someone had covered the world in a darkness   Light was a thing of the past   Lost      Disbelief doesn’t come close   Walking words of a prayer   please may I wake up   let it all be a bad dream       Silence   The eery emptiness of what was.   Of what should have been     How can i carry on?   I have no direction   I’m lost     I know people are talking around me but i cannot make out the words they are saying.   Their mouths are moving yet nothing seems to be coming out.     My heart is beating but I don’t want it to....

Please pray

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I guess you could say we rejoiced too early as Miriam was again rearrested. Please let us join in prayer that she and her family are released and allowed to start a new life.

Miriam Ibrahim

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After following this story for what seems such a long time we have received the news we have all been praying for Miriam is to be freed.   This is such wonderful news but the horror of what this lady, this family has faced can not be forgotten. Still so many Christians are suffering for their faith, imprisoned, tortured , killed all in the name of religion.   Today I ask you all to join me prayer and may our prayers touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering right now.   Dear Father   We pray for those that are suffering right now for their belief in you our Saviour. May their love of you keep them strong in faith. May your love surround them and bring them courage. Lord we are so blessed that we can worship you freely where we are and we just want to give  thanks for this honour and freedom. in your son’s Jesus Christ’s...

Friendship on purpose – (in)courage link up.

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I love the title of this weeks link up.   To be honest it could have been written just for me.   You see friendship isn’t a natural state for me.   I have to work on it on purpose.   When I was young I was that kid on the outside looking in.   My clothes didn’t match and my duty stopped me attending parties, discos etc.   I was the weird kid, the one that was never going to fit it.   I tried too hard and it was obvious.       As I grew older things didn’t improve that much.   I convinced myself that my family was all that I need.   I was ok   I am ok   But i’m not.   I am the kind of girl that would love friendship.   That envied those with the bff’s.   I used to watch them walk home arm in arm   Eavesdrop on their weekend plans.     I’m not much further forward now.  ...